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The Tabernacle provides a very clear picture of two glorious and very important intentions of God. First, it demonstrates God's desire to dwell in the midst of His chosen nation. During Israel's wilderness wanderings the Tabernacle was always positioned in the center of the twelve surrounding tribes. Today this powerful symbolic connection to the believer is demonstrated as we experience this intended dwelling of God within the heart of every believer, through the person of the Holy Spirit as He goes with us thoughout our own wilderness wanderings. Secondly, it declares the way of approach for that chosen, yet sinful people to come into God's holy presence. Today this way of approach has been fulfilled in Christ as the believer who has been granted an access unto God that would have been unimaginable to the O.T. Saint. Only in Christ do we enjoy fellowship and communion in the presence of God the Father as we come into His presence via the completed and finished work of our glorious Redeemer. No longer are ritual sacrifices required, now the accepted blood of Christ paves the way. Those former animal sacrifices simply purified the flesh, the perfect sacrifice of Christ purifies the soul (Hebrews 9:13-14). The Tabernacle served as the abiding presence of God as well as the place of worship for the nation of Israel for over 400 years (i.e., until the completion of Solomon's Temple in approximately 950 B.C.). Yet it remains much more than just a relic from a bygone economy of God. Its continued study is invaluable to today's believer in providing a biblical basis to the New Testament truths we cling so dearly to.

The Tabernacle provides concrete images to abstract doctrines. It gives eyes to that which is unseen and provides a visual perspective to that which at times can be difficult to grasp. The student will find in its sacrifices and offerings shadows of the coming Messiah. Its holy vessels and related activities portray the various ministries and multiple doctrines relative to our blessed Savior and His provision of hope to a lost world. The Outer Court contained a vessel of sacrifice, which portrays the ultimate place of judgment we know as the cross of Christ - the place where God's wrath was poured out upon our sin as the innocent Lamb of God suffered the punishment for the guilty. The Outer Court also contained another wonderful yet often neglected vessel, the Brazen Laver, which symbolically portrays the unlimited cleansing necessary for today's believer to abide consistently in Christ. Further study will illuminate its holy inner chambers where clear demonstrations are seen of the privileged access today's believer has with the God of our salvation, as well as the very throne room of God where every true believer is beckoned to boldly enter, through Christ, to obtain mercy and find grace to help in our times of need. Finally, within the intervening priesthood, we will see the Old Testament type of the New Testament believer-priest, as well as the initiation of the contemporary High Priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. I can say with all confidence that there is no single study in the Word of God that can teach the range and depth of Christian doctrines like a thorough study of the Tabernacle and all that is associated with it.

The subject of the Tabernacle has been an unquenchable fire within my heart for many years. The more I study its meaning the more I realize that its vessels, sacrifices, chambers, intervening priesthood, etc. represent the foundational principles on which the Christian faith is based. It has rightly been said that nothing interprets scripture better than scripture itself and the same applies here. This O.T. structure provides tangible images and a foundational mooring to our most blessed N.T. doctrines of salvation through Christ Jesus. I assure you that I am not alone in this belief, indeed I find myself among others such as: A.W. Pink, Charles H. Spurgeon, Henry W. Soltau, M.R. DeHaan, Ada Habershon, and many, many others. I gladly join their ranks in encouraging you to discover these marvelous truths revealed in a sincere look into this awesome study, in which every aspect points to Christ.

The Levitical Sacrificial System and its intervening priesthood were not parts of a system gone wrong. The reason the Tabernacle is no longer employed today as the way to God is not because it failed, it wasn't designed for permanence; it was designed to point. To point to the coming Lamb, slain before the foundations of the world. To point to the perfect Sacrifice able to save to the uttermost those that come unto Him in faith. To point to the privileged access unto God that the contemporary believer would freely enjoy. To point to Christ as our perfect and eternal High Priest, who ever lives to make intercession for the church. The Tabernacle provides a tangible, God-given Pattern of Approach for any desiring individual to come into His holy presence. When it comes to approaching God the pattern must be followed. There were no exceptions then, there are no exceptions now.

You are invited to explore this rich study that lays bare the foundational roots to our Christian faith. For those young in the faith these Tabernacle Principles will prove invaluable to your growth in spiritual understanding and proper application of God's Word. To the mature saint, seasoned in your walk, may you find the tangible nature of God's grace and mercy expressed within this marvelous structure and in so doing may you experience a freshness to your privileged position in Christ. We commit this work unto God, and in so doing it is our greatest desire that He add His blessing to it so that His church may be edified in its teaching.


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